A Virgin Girl’S Experience With A Male Escort

Being in the company of sexually active peers can be demeaning for anyone especially for teenage girls who do not conform to the peer’s beliefs. This was the case for Jane, an 18-year old college girl who had no boyfriend and never had sex before. Unlike her peers who had boyfriends, Jane has never had a single boyfriend, leave alone having a sexual experience with anyone. According to Jane, she had been avoiding potential boyfriends for fear of the consequences of engaging in teenage sex. She also was afraid of losing the treasure she’d guarded her entire life. Besides these two reasons, Jane had mixed feelings about the outcome of breaking her virginity; she thought that she may never enjoy the first experience, as was for some of her friends.

With the increasing desire to get to know how her friends feel in a sexual encounter, Jane decided to throw in the towel; she needed to break her virginity and start enjoying the benefits that accompany it. However, Jane was still not ready for a long-term relationship with whoever breaks her virginity; she’d witnessed one of her closest friends suffer a heartbreak from her cheat boyfriend. Due to these reasons, Jane opted to seek the services of an escort agency. She visited a famous local escort agency website London escorts and signed up as an anonymous female client, indicating that she’s a virgin and wanted to hire a male escort experienced in dealing with virgins. From a list presented, Jane settled on one escort, James. James was 5 feet tall, medium complexion, and slightly built. From James’ profile picture, Jane could see a man capable of handling a woman, especially in their first meeting. She ordered for James’ services. James’ services were reserved for Jane, 3 days from the date of booking, as Jane had requested.

Then came D-day, it was a cool Friday evening after Jane had done away with her weekly college routine characterized by going to lecture rooms for classes. In her meeting requirement on the escort agency website, Jane had specified her location and the meeting point. To her surprise, James came to that exact location and was also on time. The location was Jane’s bed-sitter room. He did a brief introduction to Jane and all seemed to be going in the right direction. As the meeting between the two went on, Jane was curious to hear from James what to expect. As a “sexual activity” expert, James gave Jane his assurance that the decision she made to have first-time sexual experience with an escort is a brilliant one and she’ll live to remember it. He also took this opportunity to calm Jane down and reduce her nervousness, while making Jane become eager to experience it.

After doing proper ground work, it was time for James to let the ship sail. Jane having become more comfortable with James, it was her that made the first move to James; kissing him. It was then that James knew that whatever he’s been waiting for had finally come to pass. He kissed her back, increasing its intensity gradually. The kissing was accompanied with caresses from James. As Jane seemed to become horny with each passing minute, James took control of the “dance floor” and undressed her gradually. At one point, Jane seemed totally helpless, a good indication that she was ready for the big thing. She lay down on her bed, her stomach facing the ceiling board above the room. With the experience James possesses with virgins, he knew how to do it perfectly and without a miss. As a result, Jane and James didn’t experience the back-and-forth struggle, as is the case with most first-time sexual experience with virgins. Jane’s experience was amazing, despite the slight pain she experienced in the process. She promised to hire James (or escorts) regularly to continue providing the sexual pleasure she needs. Jane’s only regret was that she’d taken too long (about 18 years) to experience this great sexual pleasure.

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