London Escorts In Love

Before I left the little village which I grew up in here in Wales, I used to be in love with this sexy guy. His family owned their own farm not so far out of the village, and I used to think that he was sex on legs. I would have loved to stay on in this village to get to know this guy up close and personal, but after a visit to London, I had found the solution to my financial problems. It did not matter what anybody said, I was really determined to join London escorts.

A lot of the girls who lived in my village wanted to leave and do something different. There was simply now work at all, and not enough men to go around. I decided to take fate in my own hands, and started to check out what opportunities were available in London. Initially I thought about modeling, but it do take me long work out that I may not have very much of income as a model. That is when I came across London escorts, and it did not take me long to send of my photos to an elite London escorts service.

I had not expected to get a response quickly, but after 48 hours the London escorts service that I got in touch with answered and asked me to come along to London. My mom would probably not like her daughter joining a London escorts service so I decided not to tell her that I was visiting of the top London escorts agencies. It was with a lot of apprehension in my heart I left my village to travel to London for an interview with the boss of a London escorts service.

It did not take me very long to get a job with London escorts. The guy who interviewed me told me there was not a lot of home grown talent in London and before I knew it, he had offered me a job with the London escorts agency he owned. I took the train back to Wales to back my bag and get ready to start a new life in London and make some money for myself.

Six years have passed since that date and I am now back home to stay. Sure it all feels a bit strange, and I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. I have just bought a cute little cottage with my earnings from London escorts. Am I still in love with that boy? You bet I am. I am hoping that he has matured into a handsome man now and is ready to take me on. I have lots of plans for the future, and at the same time, I can see myself at the side of a man with his trusted sheep dog and his flock of sheep. I guess you can take the girl out of the village, but you can never take the village out of her.

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