Find ways to vent your frustrations with your husband when he drives you.

The twist Before I found myself in my current circumstances, I was working as an escort in London. To be fair, several former London escorts of had described horrific stories to me about how they’d abandoned their work and gotten married to an old man who was soon driving them crazy. I assumed it wouldn’t happen to me. For me, the appropriate decision was to leave escorting in London and to marry Brian. Despite having already worked as a London escort, I quickly came to the realisation that getting married to Brian would be somewhat difficult. In that case, he was nearly twice my age. While I assumed this lifestyle would more than compensate for the deficit, I found this approach unsustainable in the long run. London escorts refers to a London-based service that works with adult males who are high-end customers, and Brian was among their wealthier clients. I failed to anticipate how difficult our marriage would be. In the month that followed, I came to understand why Brian’s two prior spouses had left him and he had become sexually involved with escorts in London. During his time off, Brian spends time at the golf course. Although Brian has probably spent more money on golf clubs than he has on female escorts, I’m sure he has many more women clients than golf club users. As long as I was only asked for my limits, Brian did not cheat me, but I knew the upper limit on my credit card was much higher than his. Although I was willing to continue and make the most of it, I ultimately decided to retire. Even after we were married for a year, Brian began to go on golf vacations instead of sailing with me. It was really annoying. As a matter of fact, I had seriously considered reenlisting with London escorts. I felt quite isolated and felt let down by it. All of these brilliant proposals have already been made. After coming back to Los Angeles, I had to face a dilemma: how to handle an unhappy husband who was content to ruin everything. He saw me as his sidekick from the start. After golfing, he returned to his family for the night. After all that talk, I decided to just go for it. I took further measures to be as difficult to find as possible for Brian. When he returned from playing golf, I avoided being around. Either I was going to go an errand or have a day at the spa. My second favourite activity was spending the afternoon with my girlfriends at a local café. I suddenly realised that I was trying to tell him something, and that was before I even knew he had already deduced that fact. I arrived home after coffee with the girls one day and discovered that he had arranged a fabulous vacation for the both of us. The rumours say that he requested that he be alone with me and take time to enjoy my company. Instead of worrying that you don’t have enough time to do everything, take control of your time and organise it wisely.

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